Functional, contemporary pieces with an unmistakable style, integrating tradition with the use of the modern product technologies..


Goal was to determine a continuous style, which should always be modern and to make this known


As the brands create styles and point of views, the sense of modern style still besieged our lives.

About Us


Did the designers from the early 20th century know, as the first effects of modernism invade our lives, that they have formed the foundation of a great school? Modernity was inspired by the rapid development of industry and brought us a lot of materials.

The products became the derivatives of the furniture industry. The need for design and new trends in the furniture industry grew. The companies create with their own styles and segments brands.

2020 Catalog

A predilection for the minimalist and geometric lines of modernism, a variety of rich woods and materials, results in a sophisticated, elegant and superbly refined contemporary collection.



To create these pieces, we need more than skill from our artisans and designers: a monumental amount of passion for art and attention to detail are necessary to complete a worthy tribute piece.