About Us

We combined all the experiences we brought from the past in the most correct way on this road that we started as two partners in 2004. As the contribution of our experience; We have positioned ourselves as having a command of the entire process management of the production stages. While doing our positioning; We have integrated the accumulation of the past into all the elements we aim at. This is how our growth gained momentum framed by success. After good returns, we took our place in the sector as a value that has risen to our current position. As a brand that aims to keep the direction of growth abroad-based, we have become one of the important building blocks of the foreign market with our products that we bring to many destinations. Our distribution network covering Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Kuwait, Dubai, India, Iraq, Uzbekistan and Georgia; With its ergonomic product variety, it has become the absolute choice of elite tastes. We combined the design and production elements of modernity with our sincere service principles. While doing this, we have revealed every detail, from the product to the fabric selection, as the result of a strong work.

Now we have a dream with our solution partners, with whom we will continue our story together! Getting to know the world and re-meaning living spaces…


Homesse; It is starting to set its goals for the future with its structure that wants to give more space to forward-looking projects. It makes fabric and product choices for you that can be used in every area, and in every area of ​​life; It directly offers a product range that will reflect your style at home, in the office, in social networking areas or even at the hotel.
While we act with the roadmap of “transferring the brand reflection to our guests”, which is given to us by making our own production, we prefer strategies that will leave a lasting impact in abroad, which we have chosen as our target market. We want to make our name heard abroad permanent with the right textures we use in every product that reflects simple but powerful effects and the care given by handmade.


As Homesse, our aim is; is to keep together many elements that fill the absolute customer satisfaction. Homesse, which is the addressee of every guest with the idea of ​​”my stance and style is clear”, of houses with a climate, furniture with an identity, manages the whole process professionally with a simple and plain production approach. Homesse, which maintains the same quality in every line and says the same thing in every product with different words; explains contemporary and modern design in his own words. In doing so, he creates a style different from everyone else, a language like no other, and a whole that has written its own story.